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The   Power   of   Jesus   Ministry   it’s   a   healing   ministry   An   it   reaching   throughout   the   world   carrying   Anointing   of JESUS   CHRIST   and   Love   through   Television,   Internet   and   Radio   location   in   Chennai,   Tamil   Nadu,   India.   As   a   body of   Christ   we   believe   in   the   Great   Commission   laid   down   by   our   LORD   JESUS   CHRIST,   to   go   and   make   disciples   of all   nations.   This   is   what   we   seek   to   accomplish   in   the   life   of   every   believer.   Our   desire   is   to   equip   the   body   of Christ into the likeness of Christ, blameless and without blemish. It   was   started   in   obedience   to   God's   vision   and   mandate   given   to   Pastor   Mohan   Raj and    His    son    Rev.    Johnson    Wesley    to    serve    the    people    through    the    love    and compassion   of   JESUS   CHRIST.   Pastor   S.   Mohan   Raj   (Founder)   has   sacrificed   and   gone through   great   ordeal   in   building   the   Kingdom   of   God   and   establishing   Power   Of   Jesus Ministries according to the plan and direction given by God. Today   millions   are   blessed   through   the   prayers   and   comforting   messages   of   the   Rev Johnson   Wesley   through   Public   Meetings,   TV   programs,   Letter   Ministry,   Website   and personal prayers. Worship   at   PJPH   is   at   the   core   of   all   we   do.   We   help   people   experience   GOD   through   intimate   worship   in   order to   develop   a   lifestyle   of   worship.   For   we   believe   strongly   that   worship   is   not   just   a   service   or   a   style   but   it’s   a way of life. The   Bible   in   Romans   12:1   calls   us   to   offer   our   bodies   as   living   sacrifices,   holy   and   pleasing   to   GOD   –   this   is spiritual act of Worship. Come join us and be a part of our family. Discover GOD’s purpose of your life as we grow together in Him.
Pastor    Johnson    Wesley    have    also    established    serve    India    mission        in    the    year 2011.SIM   (SERVE   INDIA   MISSION   TRUST)   is   a   public   charitable   organization   founded   in the   year   2011,   with   a   noble   vision   to   uplift   the   deprived,   the   destitute,   people   with disabilities   and   to   eradicate   poverty   through   various   programs   in   the   field   of   health, environment,   education,   women   empowerment,   child   &   youth   development.   SIM believes   in   extending   a   hand   in   times   of   natural   calamities   and   also   strives   to   bring   a holistic   development   in   the   society.   Its   vision   is   to   assist   the   poorest   of   the   poor   and the    needy    towards    alleviation    of    suffering,    upliftment    of    the    deprived,    disabled, marginalized   affected   by   ill   health,   social   unrest,   natural   calamities   irrespective   of caste,      creed,      colour      or      religion.      For      more      information      on      SIM      visit www.serveindiamission.com Rev   M.   Johnson   Commenced   his   Christian   journey   in   2000   when   he   was   just   17   years   old   having   completed   his high   school.   He   went   to   his   theological   studies.   Rev.   Johnson   knew   that   as   long   as   he   stayed   under   God's guidance,   faith   in   God.   And   relentless   prayers   were   most   important   factors   that   went   a   long   way   in   establishing this   worship   for   the   Creator   .Passion   for   this   blessed   ministry   along   with   the   abundant   mercies   from   the   Lord helped   him   to   fulfil   this   God   given   Ministries   reached   millions   of   people   around   the   world   through   daily television programs and radio
Rev. Johnson Wesley Pastor. S. Mohan Raj ABOUT PJM
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POWER OF JESUS MINISTRIES Rev. Pastor. M. Mohan Raj P.O.Box 4948,Ellari Street, Gopalapuram, Chennai - 600 086, Tamil Nadu, SOUTH INDIA Telefax : +91-4428111438 Office : +91-4428111333, +91-4464543838 email : powerofjesusministry@gmail.com website : www.pjministry.org webtv : www.powerofjesustv.com Radio Fm : www.pjmfm.in